The European online marketplace doc-market allows you to convert your medical devices, instruments and furniture that you no longer need into cash. doc-market allows you to advertise your offers with just a few clicks and will appeal to a large number of potential buyers.

With years of experience and more than 200’000 registered users from various medical fields, doc-market is the future in buying and selling medical equipment.



doc-market 10 listings
You publish 10 products within one month
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23.00 CHF (+VAT: 0.0%)

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doc-market 20 listings
You publish 20 products within one month
Price : 
34.50 CHF (+VAT: 0.0%)

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doc-market annual subscription
Unlimited number during one year
Price : 
230.00 CHF (+VAT: 0.0%)

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Get started today and find potential buyers for your obsolete products.

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Complete Swiss pharmacopoeia

OPL Gallery

Prof. Dr. med. Eric Bruckert
Hopital Pitie Salpetrière
Metabolisme 1
Paris France
med-reports >>
Prof. Dr. med. Kim Rainsford
Sheffield Hallam University
Sheffield United Kingdom
med-reports >>
Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Beglinger
med-reports >>
Dr. med. William G. Wierda
MD Anderson Cancer Center
The University of Texas
Houston United States
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